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Family-based care is the orphan-care philosophy that Hope House operates under.  Instead of large dormitories housing many children, each individual home or “Casita” has 6-8 children.  Although we are currently renting homes, our future plans include 8 homes (two-four story buildings) to be constructed at the Hope House campus.  To read more about that project, click here

Each Casita functions just as a normal home would.  Our caregivers are called “Tias” (or Aunts) and “House Parents” who help with the daily routine and raising of each child.  Hope House kids go to school, participate in sports, have tutoring sessions, come home and do homework, help with chores and have family meals just like every other Dominican family.

Sponsoring a Casita helps cover the monthly expenses of rent, utilities, maintenance, and the salaries of our Casita staff.