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Michael and Amanda Braisted

Both graduates of Indiana Wesleyan University, Michael and Amanda left college with a passion for world missions and a desire to live out the Gospel in a tangible way.  They were called to the mission field in 2006 and began their journey working alongside both Dominicans and Haitians living in the Dominican Republic.  

Amanda, having graduated with a degree in Photography, had the opportunity to see the island of Hispaniola through a very unique perspective.  Spending most of her time on the field in under-resourced communities, her heart began to break for the children subjected to incredibly difficult circumstances.  Many children, as young as 18 months old, wandering in their communities, no one watching out for them except for their two or three siblings who weren’t much older than they.

She began working with and spending time with the many teenage mothers in these communities.  Talking about their own lives as children and realizing the undeniable cycles linked between neglected, abused children and a life spent in poverty.

Michael, having spent time in his youth on the mission field in Costa Rica and Peru, already had a passion for Latino culture and a fluency in Spanish.  Once he arrived in the Dominican Republic his eyes were opened to the damaging effects of generational cycles of absent or abusive male figures in the lives of their children.  His passion for becoming a trustworthy role model to kids who had nowhere to turn, became the cornerstone to the vision of Hope House.

Having experienced a home with a father who was a Godly example and invested in his family, Michael wants to provide that for other children who have never felt the safety of a loving home.